CS 6752 Homework 6
Due: Thursday, November 3 at 1:30 pm

Assignment 6: Here's my Card

In this assignment, you will write your first Java GUI/graphics program. The objective is simple: Make a business card. We have provided you with two classes/files, Card.java and CardPanel.java, in T-Square. You should fill in the Panel class with various graphics calls to make a window pop up on the screen that would have business card-style information for yourself, along with some graphics. In addition to the obvious text you will need, add some other graphical shapes such as lines, boxes, ovals, etc. You can even add images if you'd like. Just be a little creative. (We'll give extra credit to any cards we find particularly engaging.)

Turn-in Procedures

After you have finished the above assignment, turn it in via T-Square. Submit your two files.